An Ouffer to Make You Smile: Copywriting

Published in June 2011 by

Once upon a time in a land of nostalgia far, far away, it was exciting to lose your teeth, and it wasn’t at all creepy that a strange fairy crept into your room at night and relieved you of your old body parts in exchange for cold hard cash.

Unfortunately now you’re a little bit older, and a tad less gullible, and slightly more aware of the horrible pain that toothache can bring. Well Oufferites, these days it’s you handing over the cash, and if you’re sick of it costing you an arm and a leg just to maintain those little white gnashers, then look no further!

This Ouffer includes a full comprehensive examination plus x-rays, a scale, clean, polish and fluoride, all for just $89.

But do the pros outweigh the canines? Well firstly, a check-up is always a good idea so you can discover problem areas and avoid future tooth pain. Secondly, fluoride has been proven to be beneficial for your teeth. And thirdly, a scale and polish is essential for even, healthy and attractive pearly whites. On top of that, x-rays are useful when checking for diseases behind the teeth that cannot be seen with the eye.

If you’ve been to the dentist before you probably think you know the drill, but the lovely experts at Pagewood Dental Surgery use all the most up to date equipment designed to ensure that your visit is pleasant and pain free. The staff are well trained and very professional, and the clinic is owned by Dr George Hedges, a Sydney University graduate with over 36 years experience in dental treatment. With Pagewood Dental Surgery you know you’re in safe hands, and that’s the tooth!


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