Get your Back in Shape: Copywriting

Published in June 2011 by

Like standing in an empty room pretending to be a carrot, sometimes it’s fun to imagine what your life would be like if you had no spine. You could blob around ala the human race in Wall-E, have a decent excuse for avoiding heavy lifting, and be equipped with a good comeback for the awkward moment when someone calls you spineless (“so what if I am!”).

But unfortunately we are amongst the lucky 3% of animals to be born with a vertebra, and as such must stand up and take care of it. Today Ouffer HQ is backing you up in this mission by ouffering a new patient consult in Goodwood Chiropractic, including orthopaedic and neurologic tests, posture evaluation, health history, a full set of x-rays (if needed) and a follow-up adjustment for $29!

Goodwood Chiropractic is run under the watchful eye of Dr. Gianni Dalzotto, who has been in practice since 1994. Their purpose is to educate, check and adjust as many individuals and families as possible towards optimal health through natural drug-free corrective chiropractic care. They have an enviable safety record and travel nationally to train, participating in workshops and seminars bringing the movement of cutting edge corrective technologies into the next millennium.

The comprehensive set of tests included means that you can be sure to get proper diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore all the evidence suggests that uncorrected spinal problems get worse the longer they are left. So avoid a big bill tomorrow with a small one today, and get your back, back on track!


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