Lamstok T-shirts: Copywriting

Published in February 2011 on

Picture the scene. You’re at a wild yet classy party. A beautiful girl is sidling up to you. There’s been serious eye contact going on all night. You’re feeling cool, calm and suave, when all of a sudden in your peripheries you spy a guy WEARING THE SAME T-SHIRT as you. You try to create a distraction or subtly suggest a sneaky game of strip poker, but to no avail. She detects it, looks at you in disgust and disappears from your life forever.

My two-for-a-dollar friend, there is an answer to your fears. If you avail of this T-riffic ouffer from Lamstok you’ll get not one but TWO designer t-shirts for the tremendous price of $44, down from $128. Not only are they made of 100% organic cotton, but each one has a limited run of maximum 200 prints, so you know that only 199 other people in the world could ever be walking around with the same upper half as you.

Established in 2007, this company has the art of t-shirts down to a T. Lamstok claims to have been born as the “creative outlet for obscure and self-indulgent ideas from an individual tired of having to work for the man”. Well now Lamstok is the man! (in the Finding Forrester Sean Connery sense of the word of course).  Already featured in T-World Magazine, this brand is gaining some seriously positive reviews.

Lamstok will deliver to anywhere in Australia within 5 days of purchase, and postage is included in the ouffer. The t-shirts are comfortable, unique and come in sizes S, M, L and XL. And with a saving of $84 this is definitely one that’s not going to come around again. So what are you waiting for?  In the bastardised words of Hamlet – “To T or not to T, that is the question”. The answer? Lamstok.


Ouffer’s Take

What is the second most used letter in the English language?

T! While the appeal of E is indisputable, T comes on top of every other letter, including all the vowels. Though this means that you see it extremely regularly, you know what you don’t see regularly? … Lamstock T-shirts!

Tempting, isn’T iT?


What We Like

–          Not more than 200 prints made per t-shirt design

–          All t-shirts are 100% organic cotton

–          Postage costs are included

–          Once payment is received, t-shirts will arrive within 3-5 business days to your address anywhere in Australia.

–          All t-shirts use a water based screen printing method in order to reduce the feel of the print on the t-shirts


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