Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children!: Copywriting

Imagine the world is new again. You want to feel everything, explore everywhere, and concurrently insert it all into your mouth. You long to climb the cliff of your cot, or to discover the deserts of the sandpit. But BAM CRASH WHALLOP Batman, if you don’t suffer a fair few war wounds along the way.

Parents, your beautiful baby, the light of your life, your hopefully future pride-and-joy has made it safely out of the womb and into nappies. You have 18 years to shape them into a polite, moral, upstanding individual who will do you proud and care for you in your old age. But first you have to get them walking!

Today’s Ouffer exists for you, the rightfully protective parents of Australia! For just $15 you can nab your baby some Baby Bumper crawling kneepads plus a bumper headband delivered right to your doorstep (normally $40).

Now before you dismiss this as another redundant mumbo-jumbo house-clogger, think again. Designed by a creative mother of two for her OWN infants, Baby Bumpers has spread through the mom grapevine full of stressed out moms clamouring for samples to, er, “field test.”

Baby Bumpers can serve to protect delicate skin from bruising and minor abrasions from any rough surface so that your baby’s knees stay, well, as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The knee pads also protect a baby’s clothing at the same time, and are easy to attach, machine washable and dryable for easy use.

The Baby Bumpers knee pads have been tested for safety and government compliance, and received support by Dr. Terrence McGuire, an Orthopedic Pediatric Surgeon, as well as from the Montessori school system, and the Spina Bifida Foundation for the use of crawling therapies and for children with special needs. They were also featured on Brisbane’s Extra TV Show as a successful news feature on “The Mothers of Invention.”

On top of the knee pads you’ll also receive a bumper headband designed to safeguard your baby against banging into chair legs, table corners, and those pesky walls that are always getting in the way.

Today’s Oufferis a must, not only for parents of little ones, but can also make a great gift for anyone with a mobile little person in their life. Give your child the freedom to explore!

Ouffer’s Take

True or false: a baby is born without knee caps?


A baby’s kneecaps are still just cartilage at birth. Through the crawling stage this acts like a “sponge-compressor” to protect the developing kneecaps. Most babies will find crawling fun, but will often have red, sore, and bruised knees due to the floor surfaces and the pulling up and falling down stages while learning to crawl. Having the benefit of knee pad protection allows your baby to crawl in comfort and to safely learn to walk.
This developmental stage also has immeasurable benefits for co-ordination and right and left brain functions for use later in life. Helping your child to play and explore comfortably is a fun and educational time for both child and parent.

So what are you waiting for!


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