Put Your Best Face Forward: Copywriting

Published in June 2011 by ouffer.com

Unlike vintage clocks, butter churners and camping torches, human beings aren’t meant to be wound up to work at their most effective capacity. Maslow may have forgotten facials and massages when coming up with his famous theory on basic needs, but we’re here to remind you!

Face up to the basic need to relax with today’s ouffer; $39 for a one hour complete signature facial including a gycolic peel, ultra sound scrub, steaming and extractions and a 15 minute massage!

Yvonne Beauty is a centrally located haven of all that is good for the soul. Their state of the art facials include steaming, extractions, and an ultra sound scrub, designed to rid you of any dirt and blackheads hiding in your skin. Additionally glycolic peels are used to treat pigmentation, loss of elasticity and mild sun damage (missing ozone layer, anyone?) They loosen the thickened surface skin layers that are dry and rough, and reveal a smoother and healthier skin underneath.

Facials tackle what diet and nutrition alone can’t. Plus if a pampering of your most advertised asset wasn’t enough to seal the deal, there’s still a 15 minute massage to be had before you face the day refreshed!


And if you feel like taking your facial rejuvenation to the next level, this ouffer also includes a $20 voucher towards botox redeemable at Yvonne Beauty’s Chatswood clinic!


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