Sake to Me: Copywriting

Published in May 2011 by and sold 295 in 24 hours

Simon and Garfunkel, bacon and eggs, gin and tonic, the cast of Modern Family – we at Ouffer HQ love nothing more than watching things that are a perfect match meld together to create something wonderful. And now we’ve got a new heavenly combination for you… Japanese Tapas!

What sounds better than a dinner for two that includes salmon sushi, gyoza, rice balls, pork katsu, edamame and a carafe of warm or cold Go Shu saki, all for only $25? And if you don’t want to end things after your meal (and we can assure you that you won’t), there’s no need to fear when it comes to buying rounds either, because with this ouffer you’ll also get $5 premium and organic beers all evening!

Love Grub is a groovy licensed cafe by day cum cool japas bar by night. Chef and co-owner Justin has been mastering the ancient arts of traditional Japanese cuisine for over twenty years, including ten while actually living in Japan. His menu celebrates the wonderful traditions of the Japanese izakava, sharing food with friends over drinks.

With a relaxed environment, a meal that derives its meaning from sociality, and a bar that’s open until late, could there be a better way to catch up with old mates or to make new ones? And with unlimited vouchers available for purchase there’s no excuse not to!

Ouffer’s Take

                What do you call two words that are shortened and joined together?

A portmanteau!

Brangelina (Brad and Angelina), skorts (skirt and shorts), spam (spiced ham), chortle (chuckle and snort), smog (smoke and fog) sexperts (sex and experts) brunch (breakfast and lunch), what’s not to love about the double whammy of convenience and catchiness? Show your appreciation for the faddiest facet of the English language by indulging in some Japas today!


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