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Fancy Dressing Up?: Copywriting

Published in June 2011 by ouffer.com

Like Vlad the Impaler or the army involved in the Siege of Troy, Tharen’s is the stuff of spectacularly clad legend. Unlike the aforementioned two however (all thoughts of Brad Pitt’s legs aside), they also promise you good food, great friendly service, and a fantastic night out.

For your $19 you’ll get a red carpet arrival, hats, wigs and feather boas provided and a mystical magician amazing you through entrees. Marie Antoinette will greet you at the door, Alice in Wonderland will show you to your table, and we haven’t even mentioned the five-star food! When choosing your three course meal, how do you feel about;

–          oysters with champagne mignonette and a touch of passion for an entree, roast veal with potato mash, pea puree and caramelised onion pithiver for a main and gingerbread brulee with mascat poached strawberry and almond foam for dessert

or maybe;

–          tea smoked duck with shitake mushroom and foie gras ravioli, spinach and caramelised blood orange reduction for an entree, south Australian black mussels in tomato bouillabaisse broth for a main, and a cheese selection with muscatels and crispy lavosh for dessert

With six different choices for both your entree and main, and five for dessert, (all of them delicious enough to start you salivating) we’ll eat our previously mentioned hats if you don’t find something to tickle your fancy.

Tharen’s has been serving quality food for thirty years and have received numerous awards for customer service, entertainment and cuisine. Popular with birthdays, farewells, corporate dinners and celebrations, hen’s nights and tourist groups, they cater for anyone who feels like enjoying themselves whatever their reason.


And with a $30 bar tab for your next visit included, why not celebrate twice!


Put Your Best Face Forward: Copywriting

Published in June 2011 by ouffer.com

Unlike vintage clocks, butter churners and camping torches, human beings aren’t meant to be wound up to work at their most effective capacity. Maslow may have forgotten facials and massages when coming up with his famous theory on basic needs, but we’re here to remind you!

Face up to the basic need to relax with today’s ouffer; $39 for a one hour complete signature facial including a gycolic peel, ultra sound scrub, steaming and extractions and a 15 minute massage!

Yvonne Beauty is a centrally located haven of all that is good for the soul. Their state of the art facials include steaming, extractions, and an ultra sound scrub, designed to rid you of any dirt and blackheads hiding in your skin. Additionally glycolic peels are used to treat pigmentation, loss of elasticity and mild sun damage (missing ozone layer, anyone?) They loosen the thickened surface skin layers that are dry and rough, and reveal a smoother and healthier skin underneath.

Facials tackle what diet and nutrition alone can’t. Plus if a pampering of your most advertised asset wasn’t enough to seal the deal, there’s still a 15 minute massage to be had before you face the day refreshed!


And if you feel like taking your facial rejuvenation to the next level, this ouffer also includes a $20 voucher towards botox redeemable at Yvonne Beauty’s Chatswood clinic!

An Ouffer to Make You Smile: Copywriting

Published in June 2011 by ouffer.com

Once upon a time in a land of nostalgia far, far away, it was exciting to lose your teeth, and it wasn’t at all creepy that a strange fairy crept into your room at night and relieved you of your old body parts in exchange for cold hard cash.

Unfortunately now you’re a little bit older, and a tad less gullible, and slightly more aware of the horrible pain that toothache can bring. Well Oufferites, these days it’s you handing over the cash, and if you’re sick of it costing you an arm and a leg just to maintain those little white gnashers, then look no further!

This Ouffer includes a full comprehensive examination plus x-rays, a scale, clean, polish and fluoride, all for just $89.

But do the pros outweigh the canines? Well firstly, a check-up is always a good idea so you can discover problem areas and avoid future tooth pain. Secondly, fluoride has been proven to be beneficial for your teeth. And thirdly, a scale and polish is essential for even, healthy and attractive pearly whites. On top of that, x-rays are useful when checking for diseases behind the teeth that cannot be seen with the eye.

If you’ve been to the dentist before you probably think you know the drill, but the lovely experts at Pagewood Dental Surgery use all the most up to date equipment designed to ensure that your visit is pleasant and pain free. The staff are well trained and very professional, and the clinic is owned by Dr George Hedges, a Sydney University graduate with over 36 years experience in dental treatment. With Pagewood Dental Surgery you know you’re in safe hands, and that’s the tooth!

Get your Back in Shape: Copywriting

Published in June 2011 by ouffer.com

Like standing in an empty room pretending to be a carrot, sometimes it’s fun to imagine what your life would be like if you had no spine. You could blob around ala the human race in Wall-E, have a decent excuse for avoiding heavy lifting, and be equipped with a good comeback for the awkward moment when someone calls you spineless (“so what if I am!”).

But unfortunately we are amongst the lucky 3% of animals to be born with a vertebra, and as such must stand up and take care of it. Today Ouffer HQ is backing you up in this mission by ouffering a new patient consult in Goodwood Chiropractic, including orthopaedic and neurologic tests, posture evaluation, health history, a full set of x-rays (if needed) and a follow-up adjustment for $29!

Goodwood Chiropractic is run under the watchful eye of Dr. Gianni Dalzotto, who has been in practice since 1994. Their purpose is to educate, check and adjust as many individuals and families as possible towards optimal health through natural drug-free corrective chiropractic care. They have an enviable safety record and travel nationally to train, participating in workshops and seminars bringing the movement of cutting edge corrective technologies into the next millennium.

The comprehensive set of tests included means that you can be sure to get proper diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore all the evidence suggests that uncorrected spinal problems get worse the longer they are left. So avoid a big bill tomorrow with a small one today, and get your back, back on track!

Sake to Me: Copywriting

Published in May 2011 by ouffer.com and sold 295 in 24 hours

Simon and Garfunkel, bacon and eggs, gin and tonic, the cast of Modern Family – we at Ouffer HQ love nothing more than watching things that are a perfect match meld together to create something wonderful. And now we’ve got a new heavenly combination for you… Japanese Tapas!

What sounds better than a dinner for two that includes salmon sushi, gyoza, rice balls, pork katsu, edamame and a carafe of warm or cold Go Shu saki, all for only $25? And if you don’t want to end things after your meal (and we can assure you that you won’t), there’s no need to fear when it comes to buying rounds either, because with this ouffer you’ll also get $5 premium and organic beers all evening!

Love Grub is a groovy licensed cafe by day cum cool japas bar by night. Chef and co-owner Justin has been mastering the ancient arts of traditional Japanese cuisine for over twenty years, including ten while actually living in Japan. His menu celebrates the wonderful traditions of the Japanese izakava, sharing food with friends over drinks.

With a relaxed environment, a meal that derives its meaning from sociality, and a bar that’s open until late, could there be a better way to catch up with old mates or to make new ones? And with unlimited vouchers available for purchase there’s no excuse not to!

Ouffer’s Take

                What do you call two words that are shortened and joined together?

A portmanteau!

Brangelina (Brad and Angelina), skorts (skirt and shorts), spam (spiced ham), chortle (chuckle and snort), smog (smoke and fog) sexperts (sex and experts) brunch (breakfast and lunch), what’s not to love about the double whammy of convenience and catchiness? Show your appreciation for the faddiest facet of the English language by indulging in some Japas today!

Put Your Feet Up: Copywriting

Published in March 2011 by ouffer.com

Body taking a battering? Aches and pains all over? Just don’t feel quite your usual excited and exuberant self? Well it’s time you put a sock in it! Sydney is definitely an amazing city to call your home, but also can be amazingly expensive place to get any sort of pampering. And if your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your feet are definitely the doorways to your body.

Today we’re honouring this thesis by ouffering you a 30 Minute Reflexology Session and Ion Cleanse complete with One Organic Tea for an INCREDIBLE $39, all carried out by the expert people at Magic Massage in Chatswood Westfield (Usual price $79), PLUS 25% off your next booking (extended to friends and family). Forget what they say about big feet, this is all about big savings.

Reflexology is so much more than just a foot massage. In fact, for your definition-loving pleasure, it is “the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion. This is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise that such work effects a physical change in the body.”

Included on top of this, the Detox Ion Cleanse Foot Bath is a gentle non-invasive therapy, which re-energises and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium and well being. It delivers a small amount of low level, electrical current into the array (electrode), which results in a reaction between the array, the water and the salt (added to help conductivity and increase the ionisation effect), to generate positively and negatively charged ions. When the feet are placed in the water the interaction of the positive and negative ions re-energises, re-vitalises and supports the body’s innate ability to re-balance and achieve a higher state of well being.

Folks, there’s no reason not to jump on this ouffer. This could be your sole chance!

Ouffer’s Take

How many steps will the average person take in a lifetime?

The average person will take approximately 136,875,000 steps in a lifetime. That’s the equivalent of walking twice around the earth! Working harder than any of your other parts, it makes sense that these two wonders would hold (or foot) the key to your wellbeing.

Sink your Teeth into this Ouffer!: Copywriting

Published in March 2011 by ouffer.com and sold 114 copies in 24 hours

So you have it all. Flawless skin, toned tanned body, perfect complexion, shiny hair, and of course oodles of humility to top it off. You’re basically used to glancing in the mirror as you swagger past it, and accidently seducing yourself. But everything changes when you open your mouth. Be it saying cheese for the camera, grimacing, or anything in between, those pearly whites are in need of some serious TLC.

Are you used to gritting your teeth at the price of the dentist? Well whine no more, here’s one deal that you definitely can’t brush over! Alpha Dental at Alpha Health Clinic are ouffering YOU a check-up, floride, scale and polish, Prophy-Jet stain removal and x-ray for an astonishing $89! (usually $400). That’s an incredible saving of $311!

So do the pros outweigh the canines? Well firstly a check-up is always a good idea so you can discover problem areas and avoid future tooth pain. A stitch in time saves nine and other such maxims. Secondly floride has been proven to be beneficial for your teeth. And thirdly, a scale and polish is essential for even, healthy and attractive gnashers.

Next there’s Prophy-Jet, which is an air polishing prophylaxis system that uses air, water, and either sodium bicarbonate powder or Sylc as a slurry to remove extrinsic stain, dental plaque and soft debris while simultaneously polishing tooth surfaces. It is brilliant for all mouths, but also highly recommended for use on patients using orthopaedic appliances.

Finally intraoral digital x-rays are useful because many diseases that may exist in the teeth and in the tissues around them cannot be seen. Therefore it is an excellent aid with respect to diagnosis of any anomalies.

With this all inclusive session, there’s no need to fret that any fangs will be forgotten. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg either… maybe a tooth!

Alpha Health Clinic is open from 9-5 on weekdays, and 9-1 on Saturdays.

Ouffer’s Take

Can your dentist make you more attractive to the opposite sex?

Yes! Beyond the obvious superficial level, 85% of cases of persistent bad breath are attributable to dental issues and a lack of regular check-ups!

And if you need further convincing, check out this quote from the legendary James Brown – “Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things he’s got it all”. So make like Mr. Brown and hit up the dentist!