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Scottish Independence Referendum – VICE News

I covered the Scottish independence referendum for VICE News.

‘Scotland Wraps Up Historic Day of Voting as First Referendum Results Are Declared’, 19th September, 2014, VICE News


‘Scotland’s First Minister Resigns as No Vote Leads to Hostility’, 19th September, 2014, VICE News


‘Residents of England’s Northernmost Town Share Their Thoughts on Scottish Independence’, 18th September, 2014, VICE News


No hay independencia para Escocia, pero el referendo les puede servir para mucho, 22nd September, 2014, VICE Mexico

Financial Times Magazine

My first two bylines in the FT Magazine:

On the Horizon: Looking at some of London’s key development projects, 13th September 2014, Financial Times Magazine.

My Paris: favourite restaurants, cafés, food shops and markets, 26th September 2014, Financial Times Magazine

I also did a piece for CNN International’s ‘Leading Women’ series:

Can this brain-sensing headband give you serenity?, 13th August 2014,

And the same piece en Español, 18th August 2014, CNN en Español.