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December – VICE News, VICE Magazine (selected)

‘From Same-Sex Marriages to Brutal Murders: 2015 in Gay Rights’, VICE News, Dec 30, 2015

‘Charlie Hebdo “Set the Tone”: The Year in Questionable Allies and Freedom of Speech’, VICE News, Dec 25, 2015

‘Christmas in the Jungle: It’s the Worst Time of Year for Thousands of Refugees in Calais’, VICE News, Dec 24, 2015 (in French and Italian)

‘We’re Stuck in a Dangerous and Vicious Cycle, Say Experts, as Islamophobia Soars in the UK’, VICE News, Dec 7, 2015

‘Hundreds Attend Vigil at London Mosque Amid Surge of Islamophobic Incidents in the UK’, VICE News, Dec 5, 2015 (in Italian)

IMG_4452.jpgUK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at an anti-Islamophobia rally in north London.

‘Inside an Academy for al Qaeda Jihadists Fighting Assad and the Islamic State’, VICE Magazine, December issue (in DanishRomanian, and German)


‘UK Votes to Bomb Islamic State in Syria as Protesters Stage ‘Die-In’ Outside Parliament’, VICE News, Dec 2, 2015 (coverage picked up by the Irish Examiner)

IMG_4293Protesters outside the UK Houses of Parliament on the night MPs voted to begin bombing ISIS in Syria.

‘”Terrorist Sympathizers”: Britain Split Down the Middle as Politicians Prepare to Vote on Bombing Syria’, VICE News, Dec 2, 2015