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October – VICE News, HuffPost Live, University Observer, Suas 8×8 (selected)

‘North Korea Quarantines Visiting Foreigners to Protect Against Ebola’, VICE News, Oct 31, 2014

‘Death of Zambia’s Michael Sata Brings Africa’s First White President Since Apartheid’, VICE News, Oct 29, 2014

‘This Woman Was Awarded $685,737 After Learning Her Boyfriend Was an Undercover Cop Sent to Spy on Her’, VICE News, Oct 29, 2014. (This interview was later aggregated by Gawker.)

‘Life with Boko Haram: The Escapees Speak Out’, VICE News, Oct 27, 2014 (This piece in Spanish)

‘We Spoke to One of the Cardinals Who Opposed the Church Welcoming Gay People’, VICE News, Oct 24, 2014

‘Britain’s Battle to End Female Genital Mutilation’, VICE News, Oct 24, 2014

‘Three Denver Girls Skipped School and Flew Off to Join the Islamic State’, VICE News, Oct 22, 2014

‘Soft Drinks Might Be Rotting Your DNA’, VICE News, Oct 21, 2014

‘Assisted Suicide Debate Highlighted By Starvation of UK Grandmother’, VICE News, Oct 20, 2014

‘No One Knows What Nigeria’s Government Is Doing to Rescue Our Kidnapped Schoolgirls’, VICE News, Oct 16, 2014. (As a result of this piece I was asked to appear as a guest on HuffPost Live’s WorldBrief to discuss the latest developments in Nigeria.)

‘Britain’s Student Union Votes Against Condemning the Islamic State – Because That Would Be Islamophobic’, VICE News, Oct 16, 2014

‘Protester Beaten by Hong Kong Police Says He Was Assaulted Again in Custody’, VICE News, Oct 15, 2014

‘Has the Catholic Church Changed Its Views on Same-Sex Relations?’, VICE News, Oct 14, 2014

‘Austrian Teenager Who Joined Islamic State “Wants to Come Home” – But Fears the Consequences’, VICE News, Oct 13, 2014

Several of my VICE News articles are also available in French.

And in German.

And Italian.

I was asked to contribute to the University Observer’s 20th anniversary special supplement, which also includes pieces from Dara O’Briain, Pat Leahy, Samantha Libreri, and many others.

A photo I took during the Rwandan genocide commemorations this year was published in a free supplement called ‘World’s Best News’, and included in an exhibition run as part of the Suas 8×8 festival. The exhibition is touring Irish campuses until the end of October.

8x83 (This photo of my photo is by James Brady)