My photos have been published by Reuters, the Sunday Times, the Washington Post, the Irish Times, CNN International, VICE, VICE News, ELLE, the Guardian, National Geographic, the Atlantic’s Citylab, PRI, Newsweek, RFI, Al Monitor, HBO, L’Orient-Le Jour, ZEIT Online, Marie Claire, BBC, Sky News, SBS, Al Jazeera, HUCK, the Daily Mail, Spiegel Online, the Huffington Post, Forbes, IRIN News, CNBC, US News & World Report, SME, Stellar magazine, Image magazine, Expresso, the Evening Standard, Bloomberg and in textbooks printed by Cengage Learning, among others.

I have covered breaking news and shot portraits across four continents, as well as photographing arts events like the Dublin Fringe Festival, SEEIHEAR Music Festival and 10 Days in Dublin.

Awards include being selected and given full funding for a Magnum Photos Professional Practice Weekend and winning the Suas 8×8 Photography Competition.

From 2012-13 I worked as an events photographer for University College Dublin, where my photos documenting student life were used for promotional purposes.

My photos have been exhibited in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper and in Trinity College, Dublin.

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