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January – VICE News (selected)

‘Syrian Peace Talks Are Due to Start Today But No One Knows Who’ll Be There’, VICE News, Jan 29, 2016

‘Confiscations, Deportations, and Vague Promises: Europe Asylum Policy Shifts Again’, VICE News, Jan 28, 2016

‘Meet the Germans Taking Refugee Integration Into Their Own Hands — With Respect and Candy’, VICE News, Jan 27, 2016

‘”He Was My World”: We Spoke To Families and Survivors of Pakistan’s University Massacre’, VICE News, Jan 22, 2016 (joint byline)

‘In Photos: Retracing London’s Polonium Trail 10 Years After Alexander Litvinenko’s Death’, VICE News, Jan 21, 2016

‘Putin “Probably” Ordered Litvinenko’s Death, Inquiry Finds’, VICE News, Jan 21, 2016 (in French and Spanish, referenced by Echo 24)

‘The UK Just Made a “Ground-Breaking” Ruling on Refugee Children’, VICE News, Jan 20, 2016

‘Can the UK Keep Ignoring Child Refugees Desperate to Reach Their Families?’, VICE News, Jan 18, 2016 (in French)

IMG_4893Reporting from a memorial for Masud, a 15-year-old who died in Calais while trying to reach his family in the UK. Photo for VICE News.

‘”I Would Rather Die”: Migrants on Countdown to Be Evicted From Calais Jungle Homes’, VICE News, Jan 14, 2016 (in French)

‘Three Days Before France Bulldozes a Third of Calais Refugee Jungle’, VICE News, Jan 12, 2016 (in Spanish and French)

‘Retaliation Attacks in Cologne as “Hooligan” Gangs Launch Foreigner “Manhunt”‘, Jan 11, 2016

‘Here’s What Happened at the Dueling Protests Over the Mass Sexual Assault in Germany’, VICE News, Jan 9, 2016 (in Spanish and Dutch, mentioned by Business Insider)

IMG_4815 (1)Reporting from Cologne, Germany, after reports of mass sexual assaults on New Year’s, for VICE News.

‘An Unaccompanied 15-Year-Old Dies in Attempts to Reach His Sister in the UK’, VICE News, Jan 4, 2016 (referenced in an Amnesty International blog)