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December – VICE News, Simon Cumbers Media Fund (selected)

‘Meet the Chinese Dissident Who Wants to go Home, but Just Can’t Get Arrested’, VICE News, Dec 31, 2014 (Here’s this piece in Chinese)

‘The Greek WWII Hero and EU Parliamentarian Who Nearly Blew Up Winston Churchill 70 Christmases Ago’, VICE News, Dec 25, 2014

‘”We Saw Our Sister’s Body. It Was Her First Day in School”: Survivors Tell of Horrors of Peshawar Massacre’, VICE News, Dec 23, 2014

‘2014 VICE News Awards: Most Surprisingly Tense Independence Vote – Scotland’, VICE News, Dec 23, 2014

‘Pakistan Lifting the Death Moratorium for “Terrorists” Might Backfire’, VICE News, Dec 18, 2014

‘Mass Grave Found in Eastern Syria Suspected to Hold Bodies of 230 Tribesmen Killed by Islamic State’, VICE News, Dec 18, 2014

‘Hamas Is To Be Taken Off the European Union’s List of Terrorist Groups’, VICE News, Dec 17, 2014

‘Pakistan Lifts Moratorium on the Death Penalty as Funerals Continue for 132 Murdered Children’, VICE News, Dec 17, 2014

‘Thousands of “Pinstriped Nazis” March Against Islamization in German City of Dresden’, VICE News, Dec 16, 2014

‘Live Updates: Police Raid Sydney Cafe in Hostage Siege’, VICE News, Dec 15, 2014

‘More Than 120 Dead as “Overcrowded” Ferry Sinks in DR Congo’, VICE News, Dec 15, 2014

‘Catholic Church Advisory Group Says Obligatory Celibacy May Have Contributed to Child Abuse’, VICE News, Dec 12, 2014

‘Why the UK’s “Modern Slavery” Problem Is Only Getting Worse, And New Laws Might Not Help’, VICE News, Dec 12, 2014

‘Boko Haram Blamed For Another Bombing in Nigeria, Killing 30’, VICE News, Dec 12, 2014

‘Islamic State Allegedly Charging $1M for the Return of James Foley’s Body’, VICE News, Dec 11, 2014

‘Police Arrest 76 at Eric Garner Solidarity “Die-In” Protest in North London Shopping Center’, VICE News, Dec 11, 2014

‘The UK Wants to Deport a Ugandan Woman Who Fled Her Country After an Exorcism’, VICE News, Dec 7, 2014

‘China Makes a New Year’s Resolution: To Stop Harvesting the Organs of Executed Prisoners’, VICE News, Dec 5, 2014

‘Campaigners Say British Authorities Must End “Aggressive Pursuit” of Women For False Rape Claims’, VICE News, Dec 3, 2014

‘Thirty Years After Bhopal’s Union Carbide Disaster, Gas Leak Survivors Are Still Suffering’, VICE News, Dec 2, 2014

‘Kenyan President Vows War After Militant Group Al-Shabaab Massacres 36 Quarry Workers’, VICE News, Dec 2, 2014

‘UK National Counter-Terrorism Awareness Week Included an Event on Protecting Your Fertilizer From Terrorists’, VICE News, Dec 1, 2014

I also wrote about what an incredible opportunity the Simon Cumbers Media Fund is.