March/April – Foreign Policy, the Irish Times, Taz, RTE, the Guardian, Al Jazeera (selected)

‘”Cruel” trafficker accused of torturing refugees found guilty in Ethiopia’, the Guardian, Apr 30, 2021

Event with German newspaper Taz, Apr 24, 2021

‘Denmark is wrong. Syria is anything but safe for returning refugees’, the Irish Times, Apr 24, 2021

An Ebola preparedness workshop on the Guinea-Sierra Leone border

‘Sierra Leone prepares for another Ebola outbreak’, the Irish Times, April 19, 2021

‘”No other home”: Refugees in Kenya camps devastated over closure’, Al Jazeera, Apr 5, 2021

‘”I miss school”: 800m children still not fully back in classes’, the Guardian, Apr 5, 2021

My reporting mentioned in this extract from Ty McCormick’s new book, Mar 30, 2021

‘Families still sleeping outside week after Freetown’s devastating fire’, the Irish Times, Mar 30, 2021

A boat sails away from Dublin island, Sierra Leone

‘The Sierra Leone island with an Irish name and a slave-trading past’, the Irish Times, Mar 29, 2021

Radio piece on Sierra Leonean women trafficked to the Middle East, RTE World Report, Radio One, Mar 28, 2021 (programme starts at 12.44)

A boy carries scrap metal away from the aftermath of the fire at Susan’s Bay, Freetown

‘”I have nothing”: Fire in Freetown slum displaces thousands’, the Irish Times, Mar 25, 2021

Guardian’s photo hightlights of the day, March 25, 2021.

‘Medical charity staff witness “horrific” executions in Tigray’, the Irish Times, Mar 25, 2021

‘Outcry over election-related abductions in Uganda’, the Irish Times, Mar 24, 2021

Sierra Leone president Julius Maada Bio gets his first vaccine dose as the country’s COVID-19 vaccination programme begins

‘People trafficking: “They were killers. They have raped many women”’, the Irish Times, Mar 13, 2021

‘A major anti-Kony verdict is no relief’, Foreign Policy, Mar 9, 2021

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