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November – VICE News (selected)

‘Here’s What We Saw at the Huge London Protest Demanding Action on Climate Change’, VICE News, Nov 29, 2015

IMG_4027Environmental activists march in London.

‘Activists Ask Pope to “Help Us Cure One of the Worst Diseases in Africa: Homophobia”‘, VICE News, Nov 27, 2015

‘Was Your Ex-Boyfriend an Undercover Police Spy? Some British Women Don’t Yet Know’, VICE News, Nov 24, 2015

‘Desperate Eritrean Child Escapees Are Committing Suicide in Ethiopia’, VICE News, Nov 20, 2015

‘A Who’s Who of Russian Dissidents Gathered in London to Protest Against Putin’, VICE News, Nov 17, 2015

‘EU Gives $2 Billion to Africa to Stem Migration, but African Leaders Would Prefer Tax Revenue’, VICE News, Nov 12, 2015

‘Germany Is Turning Away Syrian Refugees Once Again’, VICE News, Nov 11, 2015 (in Spanish

‘In Photos: Inside the Al Nusra Academy Training the Next Generation of Jihadis’, VICE News, Nov 11, 2015 (in Italian and Spanish)

‘A Malaysian Cartoonist Told Us Why He’s Risking 43 Years in Prison for Tweeting’, VICE News, Nov 6, 2015 (in Spanish)

‘In Photos: A Police Car Blazes and Scores Arrested at London’s “Million Mask March”‘, VICE News, Nov 6, 2015 (My coverage was also mentioned by the Guardian, the Telegraph, TRT World, and Mashable. In French)

‘Women Tweet About Their Periods to the Irish Prime Minister in Protest of Abortion Law’, VICE News, Nov 6, 2015 (in Spanish)

‘The UK is Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Egypt’s President Sisi — And Some Egyptians Are Pissed’, VICE News, Nov 4, 2015