Monthly Archives: June 2015

June – VICE News (selected)

‘Syrian 11-Year-Old and Father Trapped in Casablanca Airport, Relatives Tell VICE News’, VICE News, June 24, 2015 (in French

‘Tens of Thousands Gather Across the UK to Protest Conservative Austerity Measures’, VICE News, June 20, 2015

‘More Children Are Making the Dangerous Journey to Europe Alone’, VICE News, June 11, 2015

‘”Dying Behind Bars”: Human Rights Activists Jailed and Deported Before Azerbaijan’s European Games’, VICE News, June 10, 2015

‘Gay Marriage Is Legal But Abortion Is Still a Crime in Ireland — Even in Rape or Incest Cases’, VICE News, June 9, 2015

‘Most Bhutanese People Preferred Life Without Democracy, Prime Minister Tells VICE News’, June 5, 2015 (in Dutch)