Monthly Archives: February 2016

February – VICE News, Today FM (selected)

‘Soldiers, Spies, and Police Officers Launch Campaign to Legalize Drugs in the UK’, VICE News, Feb 29, 2016 (in Spanish and French)

‘Ireland’s General Election Could Finally End Almost 100 Years of Civil War Politics’, VICE News, Feb 26, 2016

‘”Serious Failings” at BBC Allowed Decades of “Monstrous” Abuse by Broadcaster Jimmy Savile’, VICE News, Feb 25 (I also spoke about this on Today FM

‘Where Beauty Hides Brute Force: We Spoke to the Jailed Ex-President of the Maldives’, VICE News, Feb 24, 2016

‘Inside the UK Asylum System: From Eritrea to Northern England’, VICE News, Feb 19, 2016 (in French)

‘Calls for Justice Increase Amid Mourning for Murdered Student Giulio Regeni’, VICE News, Feb 12, 2016

‘In Photos: Thousands of Medical Workers Protest Pay Cuts and Longer Hours in London’, VICE News, Feb 6, 2016 (in Spanish)

IMG_5261IMG_5292Thousands of junior doctors protesting in London, UK. Photos for VICE News.

‘A Murder in Ethiopia Shows the Rastafarian Promised Land Is Far From Heavenly’, VICE News, Feb 6, 2016 (in French and Spanish)

IMG_3011 (1)Interviewing Rastafarians in Shashamane, Ethiopia. Photo for VICE News.

‘On Board the Russian Dissidents’ “Kleptocracy’ Bus”‘, VICE News, Feb 5, 2016 (in Italian)

‘World Leaders Are in London Trying to Raise Billions For Syria’, VICE News, Feb 4, 2016

‘Church and Mosque Bulldozed in Calais Jungle Refugee Camp’, VICE News, Feb 1, 2016