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December – Irish Times, BBC, RTE, ZEIT Online, Refugees Deeply, 100 Reporters, New Statesman, Pacific Standard (selected)

‘Inside a traumatised Aleppo: “Many children may suffer in the future”‘, New Statesman, Dec 22, 2017

‘The lonely fight in Sudan: one official works to stem migrant smuggling without a car, a photocopier, or any staff’, 100 Reporters/Journalists for Transparency, Dec 20, 2017

‘Africa’s crossroads: In Sudan, corruption and smugglers’ lies drive refugees onwards’, 100 Reporters/Journalists for Transparency, Dec 20, 2017 (also in the Irish Times)

BK9B9956Eritrean girls chat in their dorm in the unaccompanied minors section of Shagarab camp, close to the Eritrean border in eastern Sudan. More photos from Sudan here and here.

‘On the rough road from Sudan to Libya’, 100 Reporters/Journalists for Transparency, Dec 20, 2017

‘The new coyote trail: Refugees head west to bypass Fortress Europe’, Refugees Deeply, Dec 19, 2017 (part of a bigger project looking at migration across Africa and the Americas. Also in the Pacific Standard)

‘A tale of two fathers: “The way I miss my kids is indescribable”’, Irish Times, Dec 16, 2017

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‘Der Weg zurück nach Syrien’, ZEIT Online, Dec 11, 2017

An interview with Bridget Doody, the only Irish nun in Syria, RTE Drivetime, Dec 8, 2017

‘Road to Damascus: the Syrian refugees who want to go home’, Irish Times, Dec 4, 2017 – our four-month Mary Raftery Refugee Crisis Journalism Fund investigation into what happens to Syrian refugees who leave Europe. Also in Arabic (in an Irish Times first). Recommended as a Griffith Review “great read” and one of Refugees Deeply’s ‘Must read stories on refugees from 2017’. Included in Irish Times 2017 ‘highlights’.

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‘From Our Own Correspondent’ dispatch on fake news and the plague in Madagascar – BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service, Dec 4, 2017