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March – VICE News (selected)

easter risingReporting on Easter Rising centenary commemorations in Dublin, Ireland, in blue hood and black jacket on the right. Photo via Irish Defence Forces.

‘Ireland Marks 100 Years Since “Easter Rising” Against British Rule’, VICE News, Mar 28, 2016

IMG_5844 (1)IMG_5985 (1)IMG_6063 (1)Photos of Easter Rising centenary commemorations in Dublin, Ireland, for VICE News.

‘These North Korean Defectors Are Leading Calls for Kim Jong-un to Face the ICC’, VICE News, Mar 15, 2016

‘Bahrain Detains Activist and Her Baby Son in Ongoing “Cat-and-Mouse” Crackdown’, VICE News, Mar 14, 2016

‘Inside the Underground Efforts to Liberate Saudi Arabia’s Domestic Workers’, VICE News, Mar 9, 2016

‘An Infamous Undercover Cop Has Been Tracked to Australia — Where He’s Teaching Police Tactics’, VICE News, Mar 9, 2016 (in French)

‘Clearing France’s Migrant Camps: What’s Next For Thousands of Evicted Refugees?’, VICE News, Mar 7, 2016 (in Italian)

IMG_5630IMG_5457Reporting from the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France, during mass evictions, for VICE News.

‘We Visited the Lesser-Known French Migrant Camp That’s Next in Line for Evictions’, VICE News, Mar 4, 2016

‘Migrants Sew Their Lips Shut in Protest at Calais “Jungle” Demolition’, VICE News, Mar 2, 2016 (photo also used in VICE News video dispatch; in Spanish and French)

IMG_5497An Iranian man sewed his lips together in protest at the treatment of migrants and refugees in Calais, France. For VICE News.

I was also referenced in the Independent.