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November – VICE News, Business Insider, Plan International (selected)

‘UK Offers New Powers to Scotland – But Independence Campaigners Say It’s Not Enough’, VICE News, Nov 27, 2014

‘Congolese Gynecologist Awarded EU’s Top Human Rights Prize for Work Treating Rape Victims’, VICE News, Nov 26, 2014 (This piece in Spanish) IMG_9985-2 I travelled to Strasbourg to report on a European Parliament plenary session. This is a photo of Dr. Denis Mukwege that I took right after he was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.

‘Pope Francis Warns European Union That the Mediterranean Risks Becoming a “Vast Migrant Cemetery”‘, VICE News, Nov 26, 2014 (and in Spanish)

‘Boko Haram Accused of Massacring Fish Sellers, as Nigerian Government Ends State of Emergency’, VICE News, Nov 24, 2014

‘British Government Threatens to Close Six Private Muslim Schools Where Students Risk “Radicalization”‘, VICE News, Nov 21, 2014

‘North Korea Might Already Be Preparing For a Fourth Nuclear Test’, VICE News, Nov 20, 2014

‘Caught Between the Islamic State and Shiite Militias, Gays are Dying in Iraq’, VICE News, Nov 20, 2014 (Here’s this piece in Dutch)

‘Five Women and a Baby Confirmed Dead as Police Storm Indian ‘Godman’s’ Compound’, VICE News, Nov 19, 2014

‘Video Shows Hong Kong Protesters Attempting to Smash into Government HQ’, VICE News, Nov 19, 2014

‘Organized Child Sexual Abuse in Britain Extends Well Beyond Rotherham’, VICE News, Nov 18, 2014

‘UK Police Investigating Alleged Murders in Government Child Abuse Scandal’, VICE News, Nov 17, 2014

FIFA’s Corruption Report Immediately Labeled “Erroneous” by Its Own Investigator’, VICE News, Nov 13, 2014

‘Sweden Accused of Forcing Teenager Back to North Korea Because of Asylum Errors’, VICE News, Nov 13, 2014

‘Europe’s Philae Probe Is the First Spacecraft to Land on a Comet’, VICE News, Nov 12, 2014

‘United Nations Condemns Australia Over “Inhuman” Treatment of Asylum Seekers’, VICE News, Nov 12, 2014

‘Kuwait Offers Stateless Arabs Citizenship in African Country 3,000 Miles Away’, VICE News, Nov 10, 2014 (This piece was also published on Business Insider)

‘Nigeria Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 48 Schoolchildren’, VICE News, Nov 10, 2014

”This Is What We Need’: Latvia’s Foreign Minister Announces He Is Gay’, VICE News, Nov 7, 2014

‘Leaked Documents Show Hundreds of Companies Like IKEA, FedEx, and Amazon are Dodging Tax in Luxembourg’, VICE News, Nov 6, 2014

‘Body of IRA Kidnapping Victim Brendan Megraw Found After 36 Years’, VICE News, Nov 4, 2014

”It’s a Form of Torture’: UNHCR Launches Campaign to Eradicate Statelessness’, VICE News, Nov 4, 2014

I was also asked to do a blog for Plan International’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign.

I was taking photos at the ‘Occupy London’ protest at Parliament Square, Nov 22. IMG_9739 IMG_9643 IMG_9752