January/February – the Irish Times, VICE, RTE (selected)

‘How Did One of North Africa’s Biggest Human Traffickers Escape Prison?’, VICE, Feb 23, 2021

A radio report on the Dominic Ongwen ICC verdict, World Report, RTE Radio One, Feb 7, 2021 (programme starts from 12.50)

Men in Dominic Ongwen’s home village watch the verdict in his International Criminal Court trial on February 4, 2021

‘Lukodi massacre: “They should pay us because we lost so many people”’, the Irish Times, Feb 5, 2021

Boys in Dominic Ongwen’s home village of Coorom listen as the ICC verdict is broadcast on a single radio set

‘In Dominic Ongwen’s home village, many see a victim more than a perpetrator’, the Irish Times, Feb 4, 2021

‘Museveni takes victory lap after winning Uganda’s presidential race’, the Irish Times, Jan 21, 2021

‘Uganda’s internet-less election may be the most surveilled ever’, the Irish Times, Jan 19, 2021

‘Ugandan election: Museveni wins sixth term as opposition leader put under “house arrest”‘, the Irish Times, Jan 17, 2021

Supporters of Yoweri Museveni celebrate his re-election as president of Uganda

‘Young Ugandans Want Change From the Only President They’ve Ever Known’, VICE, Jan 15, 2021

Soldiers patrol close to Bobi Wine’s house on the day of Uganda’s election results, as the opposition leader is placed under house arrest

Reporting on the Ugandan presidential election, Morning Ireland, RTE Radio One, Jan 14, 2021

Ugandans queue in Makere, on the outskirts of Kampala, to vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections

Photos from Uganda’s presidential and parliamentary election.

‘Ugandans choose between pop singer and longtime leader in tense election’, the Irish Times, Jan 14, 2021

Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine, and his wife, Barbie, leave his home ahead of voting

‘Coronavirus used as political tool in Uganda as healthcare needs neglected’, J4T/Irish Times, Jan 12, 2021

In the UCD alumni magazine.

‘Uganda’s Revolution Will Be Livestreamed’, VICE, January 11, 2021

‘Libya: coronavirus has deadly impact on life-saving evacuations’, the Irish Times, Jan 1, 2021

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