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September – VICE, i newspaper, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Magnum Photos (selected)

‘Get off my lawn! Pokemon Go tests global property rights’, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Sept 22, 2016 (republished in the New York Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, Dawn, the Economic Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, etc. Also republished by the World Bank in English and Chinese)

‘The Battle for Sirte’, Magnum Photos, Sept 20, 2016

‘Celebrities from Sting to Pussy Riot support “We Are Not Afraid” refugee campaign’, Reuters, Sept 19, 2017

‘Double Standards’, Magnum Photos, Sept 15, 2016

‘Communities take charge in Scotland’s land reform “revolution”‘, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Sept 12, 2016 (in Italian)

IMG_6697Reporting from the Crops in Pots community garden in Leith, Edinburgh, for Thomson Reuters Foundation.

‘Peter Tatchell: Keith Vaz probably victim of “classic tabloid sting”‘, i newspaper, Sept 5, 2016

‘How Much Can One-Off Protest Change People’s Minds About Abortion?’, VICE, Sept 3, 2016

I was also quoted in this Guardian article on clubbing in northeast Nigeria.

August – Maclean’s, Thomson Reuters Foundation (selected)

‘Ethiopia says Olympic marathon medalist a “hero”, forever welcome back home’, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Aug 26, 2016 (republished by Daily Mail, etc.)

‘Ethiopian marathon medalist stays put in Rio, vows to fight for land rights’, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Aug 25, 2016 (republished by SBS, Times of India, Metro, etc.)

‘Olympics marathon medalist’s protest shines spotlight on unrest in Ethiopia’, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Aug 25, 2016 (republished by Voice of America, etc. Also in Portuguese)

‘Petition urges U.N. to protect aid workers in conflict zones’, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Aug 19, 2016 (republished by Reuters AfricaVoice of America, Daily Mail, Yahoo, etc.)

‘Ethiopia’s battle for land reforms could lead to civil war: opposition leader’, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Aug 11, 2016 (republished by Yahoo, All Africa, etc.)

‘Black Lives Matter moves to the U.K.’, Maclean’s, Aug 8, 2016 (my coverage also referenced in the Independent and the Evening Standard)

July – VICE, Time, VICE News (selected)

Video: ‘Gerry Adams says Brexit could lead to Northern Ireland leaving the UK’, VICE News, July 25, 2016 (I field produced)

‘Could Brexit Unite Ireland? Uncertainty Reigns North of the Border’, Time, July 19, 2016

IMG_6482Eleventh night bonfire at Sandy Row, Belfast.IMG_6620Ardoyne residents burning Union Jack flags on July 12, 2016.IMG_6349The bonfire at Sandy Row, Belfast, July 11, 2016.

‘I Joined the Media Scrum at the Launch of the Iraq Inquiry’, VICE, July 6, 2016

June – Irish Times, Maclean’s, SME

‘Is Brexit the start of a new war against globalization?’, Maclean’s, June 25, 2016

‘Talking Brexit in the Calais Jungle’, Maclean’s, June 21, 2016

IMG_6286Back reporting from the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France.

‘The war the world forgot: Nigeria’s displaced contemplate returning home’, Irish Times, June 11, 2016

_MGL0602A Nigerian IDP and her child, born while they were hiding in the bush from Boko Haram, for the Irish Times.

I was also interviewed by Slovakian broadsheet SME about the EU referendum and the feelings on the ground here in London.

Included in the full list of mentors for the Refugee Journalism Project run jointly by the London College of Communication/Migrants Resource Centre now up here.

May – VICE News, Irish Times, Business Insider, Refugee Journalism Project (selected)

‘Syringes in the Streets, Gang Shootings, and Clockwork Orange: How Ireland Is Tackling a Drug Crisis’, VICE News, May 23, 2016 (in Italian; also on Business Insider)

‘Book review: Bad News: Last Journalist in a Dictatorship by Anjan Sundaram’, Irish Times, May 22, 2016

‘The First Chibok Girl Kidnapped by Boko Haram Has Been Found Alive’, VICE News, May 18, 2016

‘These Refugees Have Spent 18 Years Trapped on a British Military Base’, VICE News, May 17, 2016 (in Spanish and Italian; also on Business Insider)

‘World Leaders Gather in London for Anti-Corruption Summit — But There’s an “Elephant in the Room”‘, VICE News, May 12, 2016

_R7A9986A protest against tax havens in Trafalgar Square, London, for VICE News.

‘A Stolen Generation: Investigating the Tragedy of Nigeria’s Missing Children’, VICE News, May 11, 2016 (in Italian)

_MGL0522 (1)A woman and her children inside an unfinished building in Maiduguri, Nigeria, for VICE News.

‘How I Escaped Boko Haram: One Woman’s Story’, VICE News, May 2, 2016 (in Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian)

_MGL0587A woman speaks about being held in captivity by Boko Haram, in Maiduguri, Nigeria, for VICE News.

I’ve also begun as a mentor on the Refugee Journalism Project, which is being run jointly by the London College of Communication and the Migrants Resource Centre.

April – VICE News, One World Media Awards, Business Insider (selected)

‘Nigeria’s Self-Styled Warriors: Meet the Vigilante Army Taking on the World’s Deadliest Terrorist Group’, VICE News, Apr 28, 2016 (in Spanish)

IMG_1553A man raising a supportive hand in London as a busload of protesting junior doctors passes by, for VICE News.

‘In Photos: England’s Junior Doctors Protest as All-Out Strike Enters Second Day’, VICE News, Apr 26, 2016

‘UK Politicians Reject Move to Accept 3,000 Unaccompanied Refugee Children’, VICE News, Apr 26, 2016

‘Boko Haram’s War on Women: Abductees Speak of Systematic Rape, Suicide Bombers, and Survival’, VICE News, Apr 25, 2016 (in Spanish; also published on Business Insider)

_MGL09606-day-old babies born to a woman who was raped by a Boko Haram fighter in northeast Nigeria, for VICE News.

‘Obama’s “Town Hall” Meeting with British Youth Covered Gender Rights, Islamophobia, and Leadership’, VICE News, Apr 23, 2016

‘Obama Warns the UK That There Will Be Consequences if It Leaves the EU’, VICE News, Apr 22, 2016

‘Meet the Former WWII Refugee Leading the Call for Britain to Take In Unaccompanied Minors’, VICE News, Apr 22, 2016

‘Survivors Say Hundreds of People Have Drowned in Mediterranean Boat Sinking’, VICE News, Apr 20, 2016 (in Italian, Spanish, and French)

‘As Video of Chibok Girls Gives New Hope, We Speak to Survivors of Boko Haram’, VICE News, Apr 14, 2016

‘On Second Anniversary of Chibok Kidnapping, the Man Who Started #BringBackOurGirls’, VICE News, Apr 14, 2016

It was also great to serve as a judge for the One World Media Awards. Nominees are now up here.

March – VICE News (selected)

easter risingReporting on Easter Rising centenary commemorations in Dublin, Ireland, in blue hood and black jacket on the right. Photo via Irish Defence Forces.

‘Ireland Marks 100 Years Since “Easter Rising” Against British Rule’, VICE News, Mar 28, 2016

IMG_5844 (1)IMG_5985 (1)IMG_6063 (1)Photos of Easter Rising centenary commemorations in Dublin, Ireland, for VICE News.

‘These North Korean Defectors Are Leading Calls for Kim Jong-un to Face the ICC’, VICE News, Mar 15, 2016

‘Bahrain Detains Activist and Her Baby Son in Ongoing “Cat-and-Mouse” Crackdown’, VICE News, Mar 14, 2016

‘Inside the Underground Efforts to Liberate Saudi Arabia’s Domestic Workers’, VICE News, Mar 9, 2016

‘An Infamous Undercover Cop Has Been Tracked to Australia — Where He’s Teaching Police Tactics’, VICE News, Mar 9, 2016 (in French)

‘Clearing France’s Migrant Camps: What’s Next For Thousands of Evicted Refugees?’, VICE News, Mar 7, 2016 (in Italian)

IMG_5630IMG_5457Reporting from the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France, during mass evictions, for VICE News.

‘We Visited the Lesser-Known French Migrant Camp That’s Next in Line for Evictions’, VICE News, Mar 4, 2016

‘Migrants Sew Their Lips Shut in Protest at Calais “Jungle” Demolition’, VICE News, Mar 2, 2016 (photo also used in VICE News video dispatch; in Spanish and French)

IMG_5497An Iranian man sewed his lips together in protest at the treatment of migrants and refugees in Calais, France. For VICE News.

I was also referenced in the Independent.

February – VICE News, Today FM (selected)

‘Soldiers, Spies, and Police Officers Launch Campaign to Legalize Drugs in the UK’, VICE News, Feb 29, 2016 (in Spanish and French)

‘Ireland’s General Election Could Finally End Almost 100 Years of Civil War Politics’, VICE News, Feb 26, 2016

‘”Serious Failings” at BBC Allowed Decades of “Monstrous” Abuse by Broadcaster Jimmy Savile’, VICE News, Feb 25 (I also spoke about this on Today FM

‘Where Beauty Hides Brute Force: We Spoke to the Jailed Ex-President of the Maldives’, VICE News, Feb 24, 2016

‘Inside the UK Asylum System: From Eritrea to Northern England’, VICE News, Feb 19, 2016 (in French)

‘Calls for Justice Increase Amid Mourning for Murdered Student Giulio Regeni’, VICE News, Feb 12, 2016

‘In Photos: Thousands of Medical Workers Protest Pay Cuts and Longer Hours in London’, VICE News, Feb 6, 2016 (in Spanish)

IMG_5261IMG_5292Thousands of junior doctors protesting in London, UK. Photos for VICE News.

‘A Murder in Ethiopia Shows the Rastafarian Promised Land Is Far From Heavenly’, VICE News, Feb 6, 2016 (in French and Spanish)

IMG_3011 (1)Interviewing Rastafarians in Shashamane, Ethiopia. Photo for VICE News.

‘On Board the Russian Dissidents’ “Kleptocracy’ Bus”‘, VICE News, Feb 5, 2016 (in Italian)

‘World Leaders Are in London Trying to Raise Billions For Syria’, VICE News, Feb 4, 2016

‘Church and Mosque Bulldozed in Calais Jungle Refugee Camp’, VICE News, Feb 1, 2016

January – VICE News (selected)

‘Syrian Peace Talks Are Due to Start Today But No One Knows Who’ll Be There’, VICE News, Jan 29, 2016

‘Confiscations, Deportations, and Vague Promises: Europe Asylum Policy Shifts Again’, VICE News, Jan 28, 2016

‘Meet the Germans Taking Refugee Integration Into Their Own Hands — With Respect and Candy’, VICE News, Jan 27, 2016

‘”He Was My World”: We Spoke To Families and Survivors of Pakistan’s University Massacre’, VICE News, Jan 22, 2016 (joint byline)

‘In Photos: Retracing London’s Polonium Trail 10 Years After Alexander Litvinenko’s Death’, VICE News, Jan 21, 2016

‘Putin “Probably” Ordered Litvinenko’s Death, Inquiry Finds’, VICE News, Jan 21, 2016 (in French and Spanish, referenced by Echo 24)

‘The UK Just Made a “Ground-Breaking” Ruling on Refugee Children’, VICE News, Jan 20, 2016

‘Can the UK Keep Ignoring Child Refugees Desperate to Reach Their Families?’, VICE News, Jan 18, 2016 (in French)

IMG_4893Reporting from a memorial for Masud, a 15-year-old who died in Calais while trying to reach his family in the UK. Photo for VICE News.

‘”I Would Rather Die”: Migrants on Countdown to Be Evicted From Calais Jungle Homes’, VICE News, Jan 14, 2016 (in French)

‘Three Days Before France Bulldozes a Third of Calais Refugee Jungle’, VICE News, Jan 12, 2016 (in Spanish and French)

‘Retaliation Attacks in Cologne as “Hooligan” Gangs Launch Foreigner “Manhunt”‘, Jan 11, 2016

‘Here’s What Happened at the Dueling Protests Over the Mass Sexual Assault in Germany’, VICE News, Jan 9, 2016 (in Spanish and Dutch, mentioned by Business Insider)

IMG_4815 (1)Reporting from Cologne, Germany, after reports of mass sexual assaults on New Year’s, for VICE News.

‘An Unaccompanied 15-Year-Old Dies in Attempts to Reach His Sister in the UK’, VICE News, Jan 4, 2016 (referenced in an Amnesty International blog) 

December – VICE News, VICE Magazine (selected)

‘From Same-Sex Marriages to Brutal Murders: 2015 in Gay Rights’, VICE News, Dec 30, 2015

‘Charlie Hebdo “Set the Tone”: The Year in Questionable Allies and Freedom of Speech’, VICE News, Dec 25, 2015

‘Christmas in the Jungle: It’s the Worst Time of Year for Thousands of Refugees in Calais’, VICE News, Dec 24, 2015 (in French and Italian)

‘We’re Stuck in a Dangerous and Vicious Cycle, Say Experts, as Islamophobia Soars in the UK’, VICE News, Dec 7, 2015

‘Hundreds Attend Vigil at London Mosque Amid Surge of Islamophobic Incidents in the UK’, VICE News, Dec 5, 2015 (in Italian)

IMG_4452.jpgUK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at an anti-Islamophobia rally in north London.

‘Inside an Academy for al Qaeda Jihadists Fighting Assad and the Islamic State’, VICE Magazine, December issue (in DanishRomanian, and German)


‘UK Votes to Bomb Islamic State in Syria as Protesters Stage ‘Die-In’ Outside Parliament’, VICE News, Dec 2, 2015 (coverage picked up by the Irish Examiner)

IMG_4293Protesters outside the UK Houses of Parliament on the night MPs voted to begin bombing ISIS in Syria.

‘”Terrorist Sympathizers”: Britain Split Down the Middle as Politicians Prepare to Vote on Bombing Syria’, VICE News, Dec 2, 2015