CNN International’s ‘Connect the World’

Between January and March 2014 I wrote over 50 blogs for CNN International’s ‘Connect the World’. Here are a selection of them:

Compensation for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, March 27 2014

Egyptian court sentences 528 people to death after mass trials, March 26 2014

Why is a “black box” orange?, March 26 2014

#Nomakeupselfies for Cancer Research, March 24 2014

UN International Happiness Day, March 21 2014

Fresh lead in Madeleine McCann case, March 20 2014

Drive Another Day: Bond’s classic cars, March 19 2014

Ambassador: Sanctions must be “painful to Russians”, March 18 2014

Remembering Sir David Frost, March 18 2014

Could a plane hide from radar detection? March 18 2014

Russia-Ukraine: Whose side is law on? March 12 2014

Barroso: “Peace and stability” are paramount, March 7 2014

Man Utd in trouble on and off the pitch, February 27 2014

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