October – VICE News (selected)

‘”I’m in Trouble”: The Women Boarding Ireland’s Illegal Abortion Bus’, VICE News, Oct 26, 2015

‘We Traveled Onboard the Irish “Abortion Bus” That’s Giving Illegal Pills to Women’, VICE News, Oct 24, 2015 (in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Greek. My coverage was picked up by the Wexford Echo, the Evening Echo and breakingnews.ie)IMG_3698

‘Britain Ignores China’s Troubling Human Rights Record With Royal Welcome for Leader, Activists Say’, VICE News, Oct 20, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 22.46.28Interviewing Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong. Screenshot via Newsnight

‘The UN Is Investigating the UK Over Its Treatment of People With Disabilities’, VICE News, Oct 16, 2015

‘Two Convicted Ethiopian War Criminals Have Been Sheltering in an Italian Embassy for 24 Years’, VICE News, Oct 12, 2015 (in ItalianSpanish, and Romanian) (picked up by ZegabiEastAfro.com, Geeska Afrika, Bloggo, and DireTube)

‘”We Are Prepared to Launch At Any Time, Any Place,” Says North Korean Ambassador’, VICE News, Oct 1, 2015

I also acted as photographer at a Mary Raftery Journalism Fund event at the Irish Film Institute, and was delighted to be asked to speak about my reporting work to a freshman class at the University of Missouri.


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