January – VICE News, FT Magazine (selected)

‘Putin Accused of Ordering Former Russian Secret Agent to be Poisoned in London’, VICE News, Jan 27, 2015

‘First Person: “I coached the Malawian football team at 17”‘, Financial Times Magazine, Jan 23, 2015

‘Young Greeks Hope a Syriza Victory in Sunday’s Election Will Save Their Lost Generation’, VICE News, Jan 23, 2015

‘Video Appears to Show Bahraini Security Forces Shooting Opposition Activist in the Face’, VICE News, Jan 21, 2015

‘New Islamic State Video Threatens Japanese Hostages While Demanding $200M Ransom’, VICE News, Jan 20, 2015

‘”It’s Like Being Blind and Deaf”: We Spoke to Some of the Nigerians Displaced by Boko Haram’, VICE News, Jan 16, 2015 (This article in Chinese)

‘The War in South Sudan Might Cost $158 Billion Over 20 Years’, VICE News, Jan 15, 2015

‘Hong Kong Leader Warns Concessions Could Lead to “Anarchy,” as Scuffles Break Out in Parliament’, VICE News, Jan 14, 2015

‘Al Qaeda in Yemen Releases Video Claiming Responsibility for “Charlie Hebdo” Attack’, VICE News, Jan 14, 2015

‘Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Media Mogul Targeted by Firebombing’, VICE News, Jan 12, 2015

‘Irish Priest Tells Congregation He’s Gay, Receives Standing Ovation’, VICE News, Jan 9, 2015

‘A Saudi Arabian Activist Will Get 50 Lashes Every Friday for the Next 20 Weeks’, VICE News, Jan 9, 2015

‘Gruesome Reports Emerge of New Boko Haram Massacre in Northern Nigeria’, VICE News, Jan 8, 2015

‘French Mosques Allegedly Attacked in the Aftermath of “Charlie Hebdo” Massacre’, VICE News, Jan 8, 2015

‘Ugandan Forces Confirm Lord’s Resistance Army Commander Has Surrendered’, VICE News, Jan 7, 2015

‘Video Shows Pro-Democracy Legislators Staging Yellow Umbrella Walkout in Hong Kong’, VICE News, Jan 7, 2015

‘Boko Haram Seizes Military Base on Nigeria’s Border With Chad’, VICE News, Jan 5, 2015

‘Lebanon’s New Border Controls Could Force More Syrian Refugees to Turn to Traffickers’, VICE News, Jan 5, 2015

‘The Queen Just Honored a Politician Who Believes Hurricane Katrina Was Caused by Gay People’, VICE News, Jan 2, 2015 (Actor Ellen Page later tweeted this article, resulting in further coverage by the Independent, Buzzfeed, the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, MTV, MSNBC, Glamour magazine, Cosmopolitan, the Irish Independent, the Belfast Telegraph, Irish Central, Attitude, etc.)

‘Italy Rescues Another Abandoned Migrant Ship, Suggesting a Change in Smuggling Tactics’, VICE News, Jan 2, 2015

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