February – VICE News (selected)

‘The Islamic State has Reportedly Captured At Least 150 Members of a Christian Minority Group’, VICE News, Feb 24, 2015

‘Former Maldives President Manhandled into Court then Denied Bail on “Terrorism” Charges’, VICE News, Feb 23, 2015

‘”I Don’t Know What I Did”: We Spoke to a Lord’s Resistance Army Escapee Who Wants Remaining Fighters to Return Home Too’, VICE News, Feb 23, 2015

‘”I Want to Keep Talking About it”: VICE News Interviews Peter Greste About His Time in Egyptian Jail’, VICE News, Feb 19, 2015

‘Bomb Attacks Rock Nigeria as Neighbors Step Up Fight Against Boko Haram’, VICE News, Feb 17, 2015

‘Nigeria’s Two-Time Leader Backs Ex-Military Ruler as Best of a Bad Bunch’, VICE News, Feb 16, 2015

‘Archbishop of Erbil Appeals for Military Action to Halt Christian “Genocide” in Iraq’, VICE News, Feb 11, 2015

‘Slovakia is Holding a Referendum to Ban Same Sex Marriage’, VICE News, Feb 7, 2015

‘Fight Against DRC Rebels Hits New Crisis Amid Massacres And Scores of Abuse Allegations’, VICE News, Feb 5, 2015

‘Secret Video Shows Horrific Animal Abuse in UK Halal Slaughterhouse’, VICE News, Feb 3, 2015

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